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ProtoStax for Arduino - Fully closed enclosure configuration
ProtoStax for Arduino - Parts
ProtoStax for Arduino - Prototyping platform configuration
ProtoStax for Arduino - Open configuration with no side walls
ProtoStax for Arduino - Fully closed enclosure configuration
Arduino and Breadboard stacked side-by-side in platform configuration
Arduino and Breadboard stacked side-by-side. Arduino is fully enclosed while Breadboard is in platform configuration
Arduino and Breadboard enclosures fully enclosed and stacked side-by-side
Arduino and Raspberry Pi stacked side-by-side in Prototyping Platform Configuration
Arduino and Raspberry Pi stacked side-by-side in Fully Enclosed Configuration
Arduino and Breadboard Enclosures stacked vertically. Arduino enclosure fully enclosed. Breadboard enclosure in Platform Configuration.

ProtoStax Enclosure for Arduino

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The stackable, modular, extensible and hackable enclosure for your Arduino!

This case fits both Uno/Leonardo AND Mega footprints, and can accommodate any boards that have an Arduino footprint like SparkFun RedBoard, BlackBoard Artemis, etc. (see list of compatible devices below)

The case has an internal clearance of over 1.2 inches, which gives you ample room to install a shield of your choice!

Modular and Stackable ProtoStax Enclosures adapt to Your Prototyping Needs:

All ProtoStax cases are compatible with each other and can be stacked side-by-side (horizontally) or one on top of the other (vertically). Mix-and-match multiple ProtoStax cases and put together a larger enclosure from the individual ones! Our Arduino + Breadboard, or Arduino + Raspberry Pi enclosures are popular bundles. 

ProtoStax enclosures provide different configurations that support different stages of prototyping. Starting off with the base plate and protective rubber feet, they act like a prototyping plate that give you full and open access to your device while prototyping, while mounting it, protecting it (and protecting your surfaces with their rubber feet) and elevating the board. 

After you are done, you can add the side walls and top easily, to form a fully enclosed case for maximum protection. Or leave out the side walls and just add the top for an open configuration with more airflow and open access.  The cases offer connectivity to external systems using our unique cable management methods (see features below)


  • Fits both Uno/Leonardo AND Mega footprints!
  • Internal clearance of over 1.2 inches, which gives you ample room for a shield (or even two!)
  • Made from high quality cast acrylic
  • Clear acrylic provides a beautiful finish with a modern visual design with full view of your electronics
  • Pre-drilled and threaded mounting holes in the base plate allow you to directly screw the board in without needing additional nuts, making it very easy and elegant for you to use. A thoughtful feature that you will surely appreciate if you have larger hands and dealing with tiny M2.5 nuts!  
  • Acrylic risers raise your board off the base plate for improved airflow and firm level mounting
  • Metal standoffs and screws provide solid and durable support 
  • Rubber Feet protect your table surface while providing maximum airflow by elevating the enclosure
  • Cutouts leave USB and power ports accessible 
  • Cable Management: Easily accessible cable management cutouts in the side walls allow you to smoothly insert your cables and access wiring to external systems. In the Open Configuration, the Wall slots on the top and bottom plates (where the side walls usually insert into) can also be used for cable management for even more accessibility and organization.
  • You can mix, match, customize, and expand your project enclosure because ProtoStax enclosures are modular and stackable and work with each other. 

List of Compatible Devices

Arduino Uno
Arduino Uno WiFi
Arduino Uno WiFi
Arduino 101
Arduino Zero
Arduino Mega 2560
Arduino Yùn
Arduino Due
Arduino Start Kit
SparkFun RedBoard
BlackBoard Artemis ATP
BlackBoard Artemis
SparkFun RedBoard Qwiic
SparkFun RedBoard Turbo
and more!

    Technical Details

    • 4.84 in length x 3.24 in width x 1.4665 in height (1.8 in height including rubber feet) (122.94 mm x 82.3mm x 37.25 mm (45.72mm including rubber feet))
    • Usable space inside: 4 in length x 2.4 in width x 1.2165 in height (101.6mm x 60.96mm x 30.9mm)


    We have a detailed tutorial/user manual that gives step-by-step instructions on how to build and assemble your ProtoStax enclosures into the various configurations, as well as how to stack them horizontally, vertically or both! Click here for the user manual


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