ProtoStax for Breadboards/Custom
ProtoStax for Breadboards/Custom
ProtoStax for Breadboards/Custom
ProtoStax for Breadboards/Custom
ProtoStax for Breadboards/Custom

ProtoStax for Breadboards/Custom

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ProtoStax for Breadboard/Custom devices gives you a modular prototyping enclosure that can a fit a half-sized breadboard, or up to 3 tiny breadboards (or 4 if you omit the side walls from your enclosure). You can horizontally stack two ProtoStax for Breadboard/Custom enclosures along the width to accommodate even a full sized breadboard!  With an internal clearance of over 1.2 inches, it also gives you ample room for components and wiring for your breadboard!

With its microUSB/USB cutout, it works great with any breadboard friendly microcontrollers or single board computers, like the Arduino Nano, the Adafruit Feather, Particle boards, Teensy, etc.   

Since ProtoStax for Breadboard is also a vanilla enclosure, you can also use it to house any custom board that you have. It will fit any board up to 4 inches x 2.4 inches (with a vertical clearance of 1.2165 inches). All you would need to do is drill mounting holes into the acrylic of the bottom plate to be able to mount your custom board and have an enclosure for it. If needed, you can also drill cutouts into the side walls or top plate, as required.

[Tip - use some painters blue tape over the acrylic before you drill, and if the hole is big, make sure you use a step drill (or progressively increase the hole size) to avoid stressing and breaking the acrylic).]

Have multiple devices that will work together, like an Arduino and Raspberry Pi, or a Breadboard with more components and circuitry? ProtoStax enclosures are compatible with each other and allow you to easily stack an endless number of electronic devices vertically, horizontally, or both!

Want to have full and open access to your device while you are prototyping? Or want to give more protection while maintaining a relatively open access? Need maximum protection with a fully enclosed board? ProtoStax enclosures allow you to do all that—providing unique configurations with various levels of protection.

With ProtoStax for Breadboard/Custom, You Choose the Configuration that Suits Your Prototyping Needs:

  • As a Prototyping Platform: This configuration gives you maximum access to your device while providing a stable platform. Allows for your Breadboard/Custom device to be firmly anchored to the bottom plate.
  • As an Open Enclosure: Upgrade your protection while still providing ample access to your device. Add the corner bracing members and top plate but omit the side walls for more airflow and access, increasing protection from grubby fingers and allowing for vertical stacking if needed.
  • As a Closed Enclosure: Provide full protection to your device with our beautifully finished enclosure. Provides maximum protection but still offers access and connectivity to external systems using our unique cable management methods (see features below).


Other Features for your Convenience

  • Acrylic Design: Not only do our clear acrylic enclosures allow for convenience and full view of your devices, but they also provide a beautiful finish with a modern visual design.
  • Rubber Feet: Our ProtoStax enclosures include rubber feet to provide maximum airflow while also protecting your table surface.
  • Cable Management: Easily accessible cable management cutouts in the side walls allow you to smoothly insert your cables and access wiring to external systems. In the Open Configuration, the Wall slots on the top and bottom plates (where the side walls usually insert into) can also be used for cable management for even more accessibility and organization.


Why ProtoStax Enclosures are Right for You

ProtoStax for Breadboard/Custom devices are laser cut acrylic enclosures allowing you to easily mount your breadboard or custom board, while providing cable management cutouts on the side walls to connect to external boards/systems. Product includes the base, top, side walls, and bracing elements for the corners. Screws, rubber feet, and instructions for assembly are also included. Mix, match, customize, and expand your ProtoStax buildout with the ProtoStax enclosure for Breadboard/Custom!

List of Compatible Devices

Arduino Nano/MKR boards like

 Feather boards like





  • and more! (Any Breadboard friendly micro-controller or single board computer!)


Technical Details

  • 4.84 in length x 3.24 in width x 1.4665 in height (1.8 in height including rubber feet) (122.94 mm x 82.3mm x 37.25 mm (45.72mm including rubber feet))
  • Usable space inside: 4 in length x 2.4 in width x 1.2165 in height (101.6mm x 60.96mm x 30.9mm)


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