More instructional videos - Vertical Stacking & more

More instructional videos - Vertical Stacking & more

Hi there!

Happy Thursday! Only 1 more day for TGIF, and I hope you have many DIY projects lined up for the weekend! 😊

We introduced the first ProtoStax How-To Tutorial video a little while back. Since then, we've been busy at work, making more instructional videos on how best to use your ProtoStax Enclosures. 

You can find them on the Help section of the website -

There's one on how to use the vertical stacking feature of ProtoStax to create your own hybrid towers

  1. Create a hybrid Raspberry Pi Tower as high as you can take it with multiple different flavors of Raspberry Pi (B+/4B, A+, Zero). 
  2. Create Arduino+Breadboard, or Raspberry Pi+Breadboard, or Raspberry Pi+Arduino stacks. 


You can have each level of the tower in either an Open or Fully Closed configuration. A Fully Closed configuration gives you the most protection, of course. The Open Configuration is useful for increased airflow for passive cooling. You can pick and choose the configuration for each level. 

You can also leave the topmost level of your tower in a Platform configuration. This is useful, for example, to display your "User Interface" elements, the buttons, LEDs, knobs etc that you would like the user to interact with, while the rest of the stuff is protected from grubby fingers.  

The Traffic Light Redux! Project is a great example of that 

This kind of configuration would be useful to demo your project nicely in a science fair, competition, or demonstration, for example. 


We've also published a couple of other How-To Videos showing how to set up and use the ProtoStax Camera Kit for Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera and ProtoStax Camera Kit for Raspberry Pi Camera (v1 and v2 cameras).  

We hope you enjoy these and other videos that we'll add in the future! Please don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and also select the Bell Icon to be notified when we publish new videos for your viewing pleasure! 

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As usual, if you have any comments or suggestions, we would love to see them in the comments section below!  

Happy Making!

Sridhar & The ProtoStax Team 😊


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