About Us

Welcome to ProtoStax!

At ProtoStax, we aim to make dynamic enclosures part of your prototyping experience. Our modular, stackable approach combined with elegant design and attention to every possible detail provides different building blocks and configurations which aim to protect all your prototypes from early stages all the way to finished creations! 

Our founder, Sridhar Rajagopal, a Maker and DIYer himself, created ProtoStax when he was frustrated with existing enclosures and platforms that didn’t fully address his own prototyping needs. What started off as a germ of an idea eventually evolved over more than 20 different iterations and redesigns, to the point where he felt it addressed all of the pain points of prototyping that he himself had experienced. 

ProtoStax moves away from enclosures designed to snugly fit a single board to modular enclosures, standardized in size, that can work together and be stacked, either vertically (one on top of the other) or horizontally (one next to the other). Each enclosure is custom-designed to fit your board of choice with appropriate cutouts and ample room inside for a shield, a HAT, or additional components while also allowing for stackability with one or more enclosures to form a bigger and better whole. Because a prototype doesn’t consist of a single board and because it’s hard to anticipate how big or small different ones are going to be, with ProtoStax, you can start with one and add more as you go along, knowing that the enclosures are all configurationally compatible with each other.

ProtoStax also understands and keeps up with the prototyping evolution: when you start out, you ideally want complete access to your boards but, when you’re done, not only do you want them to be mounted firmly together, you want to have a fully encased enclosure you can proudly display and use—form follows function! Its modular design allows for different configurations (i.e., Platform, Open and Closed) that allow the same enclosure to provide different functionality based on your needs at any given moment.

At ProtoStax, we thoroughly inspect the quality of our goods, working with premium quality materials so that you receive the best possible products. While we’re a relatively new company, our main goals are to provide high quality products, affordable prices, and the ultimate in customization, all while striving to provide excellent customer service and friendly support to you, our fellow Makers and Tinkerers! 

We at ProtoStax believe in high quality and exceptional customer service and make every effort to put our customers’ wishes and requests above all else. With a motivated team always looking for innovative new ways to get the best products directly to you, we strive to be the creative minds that bring a smile to your face as you prototype away! We are thrilled at the prospect of serving customers from every corner of the globe, providing fully customizable prototyping enclosures for any conceivable project you may have, whether you’re a first-time DIY tinkerer or a seasoned pro looking to organize your masterpieces! 

Here’s to getting your prototype groove on with ProtoStax to help you every stackable step along the way…happy Making!

The   Team