Transform your Barebones Electronics Prototype into a Sleek and Functional Product!

ProtoStax, the stackable, modular, extensible and hackable Enclosure System for your creations! You hacked up your prototype – we make it easy for you to transform it into a usable and attractive product-prototype!

ProtoStax Enclosures are modular, extensible and stackable plug-and-play enclosures that can transform your jumble of wires and boards into an attractive and usable product. You can proudly display your creation on a coffee table, share it with friends and family, or even sell to customers! 

After all, while a prototype that works is great, a prototype that can be used is even better! 

Showcase your creations with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other breadboard-friendly micro-controllers & single-board-computers – like, Adafruit Feather, ESP32, Nano, Pico, etc. – easily without having to worry about enclosure design, 3D printing or other DIY hacking and fabrication. 

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  • Very flexible and easy enclosure for Pi Zero

    I found this kit because I needed a bit of space inside my enclosure for other electronics, not just a Raspberry Pi Zero. It's very flexible and very easy to build. Just what I wanted.

    — Andrew Richards

  • Elegantly styled. Beautiful viewing window

    This is a very glamorous case with a giant view of the onboard display. Assembly is easy. Removing the backing from the little washers is tedious but a little label remover makes quick work of it.

    — Claudius

    Thank you Claudius! You'll be glad to know our washers/spacers now come with the backing removed to make it easier for you!

    — ProtoStax Team

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Modern Visual Design with Strength and Durability

Made of high quality cast acrylic and durable components, ProtoStax enclosures provide a modern visual design with tons of well thought out features to help showcase your next project!

ProtoStax moves away from enclosures designed to snugly fit a single board to modular enclosures, standardized in size, that can work together. These sturdy enclosures can be stacked either vertically (one on top of the other) or horizontally (one next to the other) in different configurations, all designed to help you with your prototyping journey – mix-and-match one or more enclosures to form a bigger and better whole.  

Each enclosure is custom-designed to fit your board of choice with appropriate cutouts and provides ample room inside for a shield (or two!), HAT, and/or additional components for ultimate flexibility ... but wait, there's more! 😊

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Does Your Enclosure Keep Up with Your Prototyping Needs?

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Not just for your final product - use it from beginning to end!

ProtoStax understands and keeps up with the evolution of needs when it comes to prototyping: when you start out, you ideally want complete access to your boards but, when you’re done, not only do you want them to be collocated and mounted firmly, you want to have a fully encased enclosure you can proudly display and use — form follows function

Its modular design allows for different configurations – Platform, Open and Fully Closed - that allow the same enclosure to provide different functionality based on your needs at any given moment.

  • ProtoStax Enclosure / Case in Platform Configuration showing Arduino. Pre-drilled and threaded mounting holes make assembly easy and convenient. Acrylic risers elevate board off the surface for improved airflow

    Use it as a Prototyping Platform

    When you begin prototyping, use it as a prototyping plate in what we call Platform Configuration which firmly mounts your board to the bottom plate, giving you ultimate access to the board. Removable rubber feet will help protect your table or surface as well, and elevate the board!

  • ProtoStax Enclosure / Case in Open Configuration showing Arduino

    Use it as an Open Enclosure

    Leave out the Side walls and just add the Top plate for an Open Configuration with more airflow and open access. This is useful when you want protection from grubby fingers while still having accessibility and good airflow - useful for the Raspberry Pi 4 that's churning away on bitcoin mining! 

  • ProtoStax Enclosure / Case in Fully Closed Configuration showing Arduino

    Use it as a Fully Closed Enclosure

    Get maximum protection with our Fully Closed Configuration. Our beautiful, elegant enclosures are not just functional but great-looking, light-weight, and offer considerable protection for your project! They also offer ample room inside for a shield, or a HAT and components.

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Projects often need peripherals like display screens, buttons, fans, sensors and the like. Often, that involves designing the peripheral layout yourself, drilling and cutting holes (which is difficult for square or rectangular components), or 3D printing custom enclosures and jigs. With ProtoStax Extension Kits and Add-Ons, we make it easier for you to integrate these peripherals into your next project. 

Thanks to our modular design, Extension Kits and Add-Ons allow you to swap out existing pieces of your ProtoStax Enclosure with new pieces that offer additional functionality such as:

Camera Kit - replacement Top plate with mounting holes for a Raspberry Pi Camera V2 or High Quality Camera, and a replacement Side wall that also has a tripod mount so your entire case becomes tripod-mountable!

Fan Kit - replacement Top plate and Side wall with cutouts and mounting holes for a fan (bring your own, or add ours!). Move air and dissipate heat like a pro whether it's for your Pi or other board/sensor that requires additional airflow or cooling.

Ultrasonic Sensor Kit - replacement Side wall with a cutout and mounting holes for the popular HC-SR04 sensor. Incorporate ultrasonic sensor feedback into your project.

Momentary Push Button Switch Kit - replacement Side wall with 2 panel mounted sturdy momentary push buttons. Almost every project needs some sort of tactile input from the user, whether it's for turning on/off functionality, menu input, etc.

LCD Kit - replacement Top plate with cutouts and mounting holes for a 16x2 char LCD screen (I2C LCD included) - simple, yet effective in providing visual feedback to the user.

◆ ... and more!

Now you can get more out of your enclosures! Because of the modular universal design, Extension Kits can work with different enclosure types. For example, our Camera Kit will work with all of our different Raspberry Pi enclosures, so whether you have a Raspberry Pi A+, B+, 4B or Zero, you’re covered – start clicking away! Momentary push buttons or LCD screens can be added to any project enclosure, whether Arduino, Raspberry Pi or Breadboard-friendly board such as Nano or Particle Argon or ESP32.

We have a curated selection of Extension Kits and Add-Ons. If there are any additional extension kits you would like to see, simply drop us a note! If there is enough interest, we'll make them for you – some of our extension kits were born out of customer requests! 😊 

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Mix-and-Match, Customize and Expand

Great on their own, ProtoStax Enclosures can also be combined with each other since they are modular, stackable and work together.  

Protostax Enclosures can be stacked one on top of the other: replace the Top plate of the lower enclosure with the Bottom plate from the next level, and keep building up! The number of vertical levels is only constrained by the overall weight and stability of your high-rise tower!

But before you build your towering skyscraper, ProtoStax offers another trick up its sleeve — horizontal stacking! ProtoStax Enclosures can also be connected together side-by-side (with the optional Horizontal Stacking Kit), allowing you to create composite enclosures with combined boards. 

For example, combine Arduino and Breadboard enclosures in Platform Configuration to have yourself a prototyping plate. Once you are done with the circuitry, simply transform it into a full enclosure by adding the Side walls and Top plate.

You can combine vertical and horizontal stacking to build the ultimate tower: mix-and-match different devices to build a hybrid Raspberry Pi Cluster Tower with different types of RPis you have lying around! A Cluster with RPi A+, B+ AND Zero, enclosed and working together? You bet! 😊

In all these myriad combinations, ProtoStax’s modular design means you can play around with Platform, Open and Fully-Closed Configurations for different sub-enclosures or levels such as only using the Base Plate, omitting Side walls for access/airflow, etc.

  • Protostax Enclosures - Rounded Edges offer pleasing design, metal standoffs and screws provide solid and durable support

    Pleasing design that is durable too

    ◆ Rounded edges offer a pleasing design

    ◆ Metal standoffs and screws provide solid and durable support 

  • ProtoStax Enclosure / Case in Platform Configuration showing Arduino. Pre-drilled and threaded mounting holes make assembly easy and convenient. Acrylic risers elevate board off the surface for improved airflow

    Threaded mounting holes

    ◆ Pre-drilled and threaded mounting holes allow you to screw the board in directly without additional nuts, making assembly easy and convenient

    ◆ Acrylic risers elevate your board off the surface for improved airflow and level mounting

  • ProtoStax Enclosures - Rubber feet protect your board and your table surface and elevate the enclosure for improved airflow. The feet are removable to allow you to reconfigure the enclosure into different configurations such as vertically stacked

    Removable Rubber Feet

    ◆ Rubber feet protect both your board and the table surface while also elevating the enclosure for improved airflow

    ◆ Removable Rubber feet allow you to reconfigure your enclosure into different configurations

  • ProtoStax Enclosures / Cases - Features - Modular design makes final assembly easy

    Assembly is a snap!

    ◆ Modular design makes final assembly easy!

  • Animated GIF showing cable management features of ProtoStax Enclosures / Cases

    Manage Your Cables

    Any system may need to interact with external components or boards:

    ◆ Cable management cutouts in the Side walls allow you to smoothly and easily insert any cables providing easy access to connecting to external systems. 

  • Finished ProtoStax Enclosures / Cases are stackable too!

    Finished ProtoStax Enclosures are Stackable too!

    ◆ You can stack separate ProtoStax enclosures for easy storage—the rubber feet fit into the screw heads of the enclosure below—yet another attentive detail for an enclosure that helps you go from prototype to attractive and usable product! 

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Get Yours Today!

◆ ProtoStax for Arduino fits Uno AND Mega footprints

◆ ProtoStax for Raspberry Pi comes in three flavors: A+, B+/4B and Zero

◆ ProtoStax for Breadboard/Custom is useful for breadboarded circuits, breadboard-friendly micro-controllers, single-board computers, or any custom board that fits its dimensions: the usable space inside is 4" L x 2.4" W x 1.2" H

◆ Extension Kits offer customizations that you can easily apply to your ProtoStax Enclosures

View all of our available options below and don't forget to check out our extension kits!

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