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The Enclosure that Evolves with Your Prototype

ProtoStax enclosures are modular and stackable, allowing you to create endless combinations and configurations that evolve as your prototype evolves. Our revolutionary, patent-pending design allows you to plan your enclosure for the layout and functionality you’ll need! 

Provide Maximum Flexibility and Functionality

Different Configurations Keep Up with Your Prototyping Needs

Use it as a Prototyping Platform

When you begin prototyping, the Platform configuration allows you to have your board firmly mounted to the bottom plate, giving you ultimate access to the board. Removable rubber feet will help protect your table or surface as well!

Use it as an Open Enclosure

In the Open configuration, you can give it a little more protection, while still having open access—by omitting the side walls, you'll have ample access to the board. Wall Slots in the top and bottom plates additionally provide extra convenience when running cables.

Use it as a Fully Closed Enclosure

Provide maximum protection for your board with our Fully Closed configuration. Our beautiful, elegant enclosures are not just functional but great-looking, light-weight, and offer considerable protection for your electronic devices!

Innovate and Evolve with ProtoStax Enclosures

Stack Horizontally

Horizontally Stack as Platforms

You can start stacking different ProtoStax enclosures horizontally. For example, set up an Arduino and a Breadboard as prototyping Platforms side-by-side. This configuration provides a stable platform that gives you ultimate access while prototyping.

Horizontally Stack as Open Enclosures

Seamlessly transition from our Platform configuration to an Open Enclosure configuration with no side walls, providing additional protection while maintaining open access to your boards.

Horizontally Stacked Closed Enclosures

Add side walls when you're done for the ultimate in protection and a professional, finished look! The side panels also have Cutouts for getting sensor- and/or other wiring in and out of the enclosure.

No limit to the amount of Horizontal Stacking!

By connecting different ProtoStax enclosures side-by-side, there is no limit to the amount of horizontal stacking you can do as your creation grows!

Stack Vertically

... or Both Vertically and Horizontally!

ProtoStax Enclosures are Designed with convenience in mind

Manage Your Cables

ProtoStax enclosures have been designed with your prototyping needs in mind, providing efficient and easily accessible cable management Cutouts in the side walls. These Cutouts allow you to smoothly insert any cables and thereby access wiring to external systems.

When you are vertically stacking ProtoStax units that are Open Enclosures, you can also use the Wall Slots on the Top/Bottom plates to thread your cables through, keeping everything neat and tidy. These unique additions allow for endless customization for every prototype design!

Finished ProtoStax Enclosures are Stackable too!

Included with every ProtoStax enclosure are rubber feet that not only protect your surfaces and device, but also slightly elevate your ProtoStax enclosure for increased air flow.

You can also stack separate ProtoStax enclosures for easy storage—the rubber feet fit into the screw heads of the enclosure below. Yet another attention to detail for an enclosure that evolves with your prototype!

Get Yours Today!

ProtoStax currently supports a multitude of Arduino devices and Raspberry Pi (A+, B+, and Zero) boards. With our Breadboard option, fasten your own custom board to one of our enclosures by drilling mounting holes on the base plate. View all of our available options below and don't forget to check out our bundle deals for the ultimate in savings and flexibility!