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Weather Station with ePaper and Raspberry Pi

Create a tabletop weather station with ePaper display, a Raspberry Pi, and a ProtoStax enclosure.


Touchless Musical Hand Wash Timer

Touchless hand wash timer that shows a countdown clock & also plays a rotating selection of 20-second jingles. Add your own jingle easily!


RGB Matrix Audio Visualizer with Arduino

Make beautiful music with Adafruit, SparkFun, Arduino and ProtoStax! Create an RGB matrix audio visualizer with Arduino.


Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera Headless Setup Tips

Learn how to setup and use the new Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera in a headless setup.


International Space Station Tracker

Track the ISS' current location & trajectory using a Raspberry Pi, ePaper Display, ProtoStax Enclosure and Python.


Multi-Octave Portable Capacitive Touch Piano

Extending the "Portable Capacitive Touch Piano" to span multiple octaves using two push buttons! This portable piano packs quite a punch!