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ProtoStax Enclosure for Raspberry Pi 5 / 4 / 3 Model B/B+

ProtoStax Enclosure for Raspberry Pi 5 / 4 / 3 Model B/B+

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This Raspberry Pi 5 case is stackable, modular, extensible and hackable

It fits the latest model 5, model 4B, as well as the older Pi 3 Model B+, the Pi 1 Model B+!  We provide different side walls that can fit both old and new port configurations. 

The case has an internal clearance of over 1.2 inches, which gives you ample room to install a HAT/pHAT/Bonnet of your choice!

Extension kits and add-ons are available to add functionality to your ProtoStax enclosure. You can add a fan (or two), switches, a Raspberry Pi HQ Camera (or Pi Camera), a Tripod mount (and more!) to your ProtoStax Enclosure by swapping out vanilla pieces with those from extension kits/add-ons.  Check out our extension kits and add-ons!


  • Fits the model 5, model 4 (aka 4B), Pi 3 Model B+ and the Pi 1 Model B+!
  • Internal clearance of over 1.2 inches, which gives you ample room for a HAT/pHAT/Bonnet
  • Made from high quality cast acrylic
  • Clear acrylic provides a beautiful finish with a modern visual design with full view of your electronics
  • Our Obsidian black acrylic gives you a sleek and attractive option when you want to keep your brains and sinew under the covers and just highlight the peripherals
  • Pre-drilled and threaded mounting holes in the base plate allow you to directly screw the board in without needing additional nuts, making it very easy and elegant for you to use. A thoughtful feature that you will surely appreciate if you have larger hands and dealing with tiny M2.5 nuts!  
  • Acrylic risers raise your board off the base plate for improved airflow and firm level mounting
  • Metal standoffs and screws provide solid and durable support 
  • Rubber Feet protect your table surface while providing maximum airflow by elevating the enclosure
  • Cutouts leave all ports accessible
  • Cable Management: Easily accessible cable management cutouts in the side walls allow you to smoothly insert your cables and access wiring to external systems. In the Open Configuration, the Wall slots on the top and bottom plates (where the side walls usually insert into) can also be used for cable management for even more accessibility and organization.
  • You can mix, match, customize, and expand your project enclosure because ProtoStax enclosures are modular and stackable and work with each other. 
  • Extension kits and add-ons add functionality to your enclosure - add a fan (or two), switches, Raspberry Pi HQ Camera, Tripod mount and more! 

List of Compatible Devices

Raspberry Pi 5

Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+

Other Raspberry Pis

We also have enclosures for the Raspberry Pi A or Raspberry Pi Zero/ZeroW variants.

      Technical Details

      • 4.84 in length x 3.24 in width x 1.4665 in height (1.8 in height including rubber feet) (122.94 mm x 82.3mm x 37.25 mm (45.72mm including rubber feet))
      • Usable space inside: 4 in length x 2.4 in width x 1.2165 in height (101.6mm x 60.96mm x 30.9mm)

      Visualize in your space using AR!

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      Featured projects

      ProtoStax Enclosures are Stackable, Modular & Extensible

      ProtoStax eases your path from Prototype to Product. Go from a jumble of wires and boards to an attractive product you can proudly display on your coffee table, carry around, share with friends and family, or even sell to customers! Make your prototypes useable and attractive with ProtoStax!

      • ProtoStax Enclosure / Case in Platform Configuration showing Arduino. Pre-drilled and threaded mounting holes make assembly easy and convenient. Acrylic risers elevate board off the surface for improved airflow

        Use it as a prototyping plate, with full and open access to your device while prototyping. Rubber feet protect your board and your table top! 

      • ProtoStax Enclosure / Case in Open Configuration showing Arduino

        Omit the side walls and just add the top for an open configuration with more airflow and open access. 

      • ProtoStax Enclosure / Case in Fully Closed Configuration showing Arduino

        Add side walls and the top to form a fully enclosed case for maximum protection. 

        The cases offer connectivity to external systems using our unique cable management methods (see features above)


      Extension kits and Add-Ons allow you to add functionality to your enclosure. Add a fan or two, switches, camera & tripod mount, and more! Thanks to our modular design, you can simply swap out existing pieces with new pieces that offer additional functionality like displays, switches, fans, cameras, tripod mounts are more.

      Just filter by "extension kit" or "add-on" in the main shopping page to view the choices, or click below!

      Check out Extension Kits


      All ProtoStax cases are compatible with each other and can be stacked side-by-side (horizontally) or one on top of the other (vertically). Mix-and-match multiple ProtoStax cases and put together a larger enclosure from the individual ones! Our Raspberry Pi + Breadboard, or Arduino + Breadboard enclosures are popular bundles, allowing to include more breadboarded circuitry while still making your prototype attractive and usable. Our stacking features and interoperability between enclosures means you can create your ultimate hybrid Raspberry Pi cluster/tower, mix-and-matching various Raspberry Pi A+, B/B+, Zero boards as you see fit!

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Russ Harvey
      Geat experience

      Ordered my Rpi enclosure in April (2024), it arrived quickly. Began to assemble my enclosure and noticed one of the screws that mounts the enclosure top to the base was bent, so contacted ProxStax support. Got a response the next day indicating they would send me a replacement screw, which they did (actually sent two). In my support request also asked about an issue mounting my Rpi5 to the base of the ProtoStax enclosure. I had an NVME HAT on my Pi (Geekworm X1001) which used the Rpi5's mounting holes to attach the HAT standoffs, thus preventing me from using them to mount the Pi onto the ProtoStax base. Support was extremely helpful suggesting ways to solve that problem especially considering I sent several emails asking questions, each one getting a patient reply from ProtoStax support. Such great support is unusual in my experience, I hope this comment helps others as they look for enclosure solutions. My Rpi5 is happy and protected in its enclosure. It is well engineered, sides and end panels fit together tightly and allow access to all ports. I can continue development with easy access to USB/HDMI/MIPI and power ports. I would happily recommend ProtoStax to my friends.


      As advertised, prompt handling and shipping. A good transaction.