Projects to do with your Arduino or Raspberry Pi with ProtoStax!

Projects to do with your Arduino or Raspberry Pi with ProtoStax!


It has been a while since my last update, but we've been busy at work here at ProtoStax! 

We have described to you how wonderful ProtoStax enclosures and the variety of uses and configurations that you can put them to. However, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. In our case, an example is worth a thousand words. Plus, they are also fun, useful and educational to boot! 

Keep watching this space for project based examples you can do with your Arduino or Raspberry Pi (or other MCUs that we will support as time goes by!) We will try to do full tutorials and all the instructions and code, and we'll also give you pointers and suggestions on how to take the project further! You know what they say about "giving a man/woman a fish vs. teaching a man/woman to fish" - we believe that the latter is always better in the longer run, but we'll also try to provide as much support as we can! 

We've also created a GitHub account and will be hosting all of our examples there - check it out at . We already have a couple of examples at the time of writing this. 

The next blog posts will describe each of the projects, as well as new ones that we conceive of. All project related blog posts will be tagged as such, making it easier for your to find them! 

Happy Making!

Sridhar (and the ProtoStax Team! 😊)

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