Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera Headless Preview Setup Tips with ProtoStax

Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera Headless Preview Setup Tips with ProtoStax


Hello there! 

In our next project tutorial, we delve into the new Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera. 

Here we show you, via a demo video, how to set up the High Quality Camera with ProtoStax enclosures and the ProtoStax Camera Kit for Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera. Since the HQ Camera is just the camera sensor, we also show you how to set up and install and configure the "official" 6mm CS-Mount lens. You'll have your favorite flavor of Pi (B,B+,A+, Zero), your ProtoStax Enclosure and HQ Camera (and lens) all in a neat tripod-mountable enclosure. 

We also show you how to set up your Pi in a headless setup - including being able to see the Camera preview remotely over VNC. Normally, the Camera Preview is only visible on the display that is directly connected to the HDMI/Composite/DSI. However, you don't need to be tethered to a display, and we show you how to do this over realVNC using some special configuration. 

You'll now have your Pi and HQ Camera in a neat enclosure, and can mount the whole setup on your favorite tripod, see the preview and control the camera remotely over VNC. With the remote camera preview, and control over the Focus and Aperture, you can take your next masterpiece photo or video! 

We can't wait to see what lovely creations you come up with! Feel free to share with us in the comments below!

Ok, let's dive straight in into the project at the ProtoStax Project Hub!

Happy Making! 😊

Sridhar & The ProtoStax team! 😊

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