Weather Station with ePaper and Raspberry Pi (and ProtoStax for Raspberry Pi, of course!) 😊

Weather Station with ePaper and Raspberry Pi (and ProtoStax for Raspberry Pi, of course!) 😊


This is the first of the project related posts that I talked about in my last blog post. 

In today's project, I explain how you can make your own Internet-connected Weather Station that will display your local weather on a 3-color ePaper display (the kind of display that you can find on a Kindle, except this one has 3 colors (Red, Black and White) instead of two). 

Weather Station with ePaper, Raspberry Pi and ProtoStax

I use a Raspberry Pi along with a weather API (Application Program Interface) from Open Weather Map to query the weather data for my local area, and display that information on the ePaper display using some nice fonts and icons and colors to make it interesting! 

I put the whole thing in a ProtoStax for Raspberry Pi Enclosure, so that you have a finished project that looks great, that you can display on your coffee table or night stand and see the weather information for your location (or locations) of choice! In this example, I used a Raspberry Pi B+, but the ePaper HAT will fit a Raspberry Pi A+ as well, or even a Raspberry Pi Zero. We have you covered on all 3 counts with our enclosures. 

What I would like to point about the ProtoStax for Raspberry Pi * enclosures are that apart from their utility and clean lines, they also have enough room inside for a HAT/pHAT/Bonnet, so it allows you to utilize your enclosure for projects and protect everything, not just your RPi! 

Ok, let's dive right in! You can find the complete tutorial including instructions and link to code at

Happy Making!

Sridhar (and the ProtoStax Team! 😊)


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