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ProtoStax Camera Kit for Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera

ProtoStax Camera Kit for Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera

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Add a Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera & Tripod mount to your ProtoStax Enclosure with this Extension Kit. 

The kit comes with a Top Plate with mounting holes and cutouts for the new Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera, along with Side Plate(s) with #1/4-20 mounting holes to attach to a tripod.  Simply replace the existing pieces of your ProtoStax Enclosure with the ones from this kit. 

Works with any ProtoStax Enclosure for Raspberry Pi(B+/4B/A+/Zero).

**ProtoStax Enclosure not included - you need to get that if you don't already have it. **

Choose your variant when ordering:

  • Camera Mount Top Plate,
  • Camera Mount Top Plate with Short-Side Tripod Mount piece,
  • Camera Mount Top Plate with Long-Side Tripod Mount piece,
  • Camera Mount Top Plate with both Long- and Short-Side Tripod Mount pieces.



[If you are looking for a camera kit for the older Raspberry Pi Camera click here -  ProtoStax Camera Kit for Raspberry Pi Camera] 

This Extension Kit does not include the Enclosure. Make sure to add a ProtoStax Enclosure to your order if you don't already have it!


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