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Word Clock with Raspberry Pi and ePaper Display

Hi there! 

I had a lot of fun making the Weather Station with ePaper and Raspberry Pi project, and it turned out to be quite popular with our users and readers! 

If you have a Raspberry Pi, ePaper Display and ProtoStax Enclosure, however, there are quite a few more projects to do, don't you think? 😊

This time around, I decided to make a Word Clock. 


If you are a geek, a wordclock or work clock would mean a clock signal used to synchronize other devices, like digital audio tape machines and compact disc players.

A word clock can also mean a clock whose entire clock face consists of words, and the current time is presented by highlighting some of the words to form a sentence that spells out the time.


In my project, I have Raspberry Pi 4B and a Waveshare 2.7 inch Tri-color ePaper Display, along with the ProtoStax Enclosure for Raspberry Pi B+/Model 4B, to make a nice table-top word clock to show the time in a funky way! 

The code is written in Python, and I've also made it object-oriented. You can find the project with full details at the ProtoStax Project Hub. Here is a direct link to the project -

Happy Making! 

Sridhar & The ProtoStax Team 😊


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