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ProtoStax DB9/RS232 Connector Kit

ProtoStax DB9/RS232 Connector Kit

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Do you need to add an RS232-TTL port to your next project? The ProtoStax DB9 Connector Kit makes it easy to add a professional looking DB9 port to your ProtoStax enclosure. 

The kit comes with a short side wall piece with a universal DB9 cutout, which will work for both forward and rear mounting connectors, and installable in any orientation (4 pins down or up). The photo shows an example SparkFun RS232 Shifter rear mounted (not included!).

Also included are two #4-40 screws and nuts, in case you need those to secure the connector to the wall (for example, with the SparkFun RS232 Shifter, remove their existing jack screws and use the provided #4-40 screws to secure. If you have a front-mounting connector, for example, you can use the provided screws and nuts (or use your own!)

This kit will work with any ProtoStax enclosure, so you can add a DB9 port to your Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other MCU enclosures! 

Simply replace the existing short side wall of your enclosure with the one from this ProtoStax Kit. Voila! 

This Extension Kit does not include the Enclosure. Make sure to add a ProtoStax Enclosure to your order if you don't already have it!

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