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ProtoStax LCD Kit
ProtoStax LCD Kit
ProtoStax LCD Kit

ProtoStax LCD Kit

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Want to add a 16x2 LCD display to your project, and show off/display stuff in your ProtoStax Enclosure?  

You can now do that with the ProtoStax LCD Kit. This includes a Top piece with the necessary mounting holes and cutout for a 16x2 LCD (included), as well as the LCD screen. It works with any ProtoStax Enclosure! (ProtoStax Enclosure not included).

You can use any existing LCD libraries with it. The LCD module is a HD44780 compatible one with 14 pins - it does not have a backlight (backlight models have 16 pins, and the last 2 pins are for the LED backlight). 

Simply replace the existing top of your ProtoStax Enclosure with the one from the ProtoStax LCD Kit (with the LCD screen mounted) and you are good to go! Connect the screen to your micro-controller/SBC to start displaying stuff for your project. 

This will work with all ProtoStax Enclosures - Arduino, Raspberry Pi B+/4B/A+/Zero, Breadboard (Arduino Nano, Raspberry Pi Pico, Adafruit Feather, Particle, ESP, etc that are breadboard friendly MCUs). 

Make sure to add a ProtoStax Enclosure to your order if you don't already have it! 

ProtoStax Enclosure for Raspberry Pi B+ / Model 4B

ProtoStax Enclosure for Raspberry Pi B+ / Model 4B
The stackablemodularextensible and hackable enclosure for your Raspberry Pi B+ and Model 4B .


ProtoStax Enclosure for Raspberry Pi A+

ProtoStax Enclosure for Raspberry Pi A+The stackablemodularextensible and hackable enclosure for your Raspberry Pi A+.


ProtoStax Enclosure for Raspberry Pi Zero

ProtoStax Enclosure for Raspberry Pi ZeroThe stackablemodularextensible and hackable enclosure for your  Raspberry Pi Zero & Zero W. 


ProtoStax Enclosure for ArduinoThe stackablemodularextensible and hackable enclosure for your  Arduino


ProtoStax Enclosure for Breadboards/Custom: The stackablemodularextensible and hackable enclosure for your breadboard, breadboard-friendly MCU or custom board