A Busy 2021!

A Busy 2021!

Hi there!

It's hard to believe that we're well into March of 2021 already! Here at ProtoStax, we've been hard at work with some new products (some released, some in the works), and we just released our latest educational Project on our Project Hub - Air Quality Monitor with Retro Gauge Display!

Here, we show you how to monitor the Air Quality in your neighborhood using PurpleAir Air Quality Data with this attractive retro visual gauge for Air Quality Index using a Raspberry Pi, a Micro-Servo, an RGB LED, ProtoStax Enclosure and Add-Ons, and some Python.


Air Quality Monitor with Retro Gauge Display


Pi Day and some new Releases

We celebrated Pi Day (Belated Happy Pi Day! π 🍰) with the release of some new Add-Ons centered around our Analog Gauge Micro-Servo Add-On!

ProtoStax Micro Servo Analog Gauge Add-On allows you to add a micro-servo to your next project. We've tested these with the popular SG90/SG92R/Futaba micro-servos! 

ProtoStax Micro Servo Analog Gauge Add-On


It is meant to be used with some analog gauge to act as a pointing device. You can create your own analog gauge scale on paper, but to make it easy for you, we also plan to introduce a few! Our very first is an Analog Gauge Scale for Air Quality Index! Simply add it to the top your Add-On top plate, and the screw holes will ensure everything is held down nicely! We also have other Analog Gauges in the works! 😊


ProtoStax Analog Gauge Scale for Air Quality Index


This Analog Gauge Needle Horn will fit a micro-servo with 2F spline with 21 teeth, like the SG90, SG92R or Futaba to provide a nice, crisp analog gauge needle pointer!


ProtoStax Analog Gauge Needle Horn for Micro Servo - 2F 21 Teeth


The ProtoStax Micro Servo Analog Gauge Add-On also has room for a 5mm LED with a standard holder. We bring you this RGB LED and plastic holder combo. The RGB LED can be used to mimic the color scale, such as in the Air Quality Monitor. Or if you have an Analog Gauge with multiple readings (like temperature, humidity, pressure), the color can be used to indicate which scale is being pointed to.


RGB 5mm LED - Clear - Common Anode - with plastic holder


Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Kit got an upgrade!

We've now add a Long-Side Tripod Mount piece option to the ProtoStax Camera Kit for Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera. Now you have the option of mounting it on the short-side or the long-side. This makes it more versatile by giving you more options!


ProtoStax Camera Kit for Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera


You can pick whether you want only the Camera Mount Top Plate, or include the long-side tripod mount, short-side tripod mount, or both!


ProtoStax Camera Kit for Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera


More Projects and Extension Kits coming up!

You can see that we have been hard at work! But we have even more fun projects, and extension kits in the works. We hope you enjoy your ProtoStax enclosures and would love to see your projects. Feel free to share them on Hackter.io - just add a ProtoStax enclosure as one of your things and it will automatically show up under the ProtoStax Project Hub!

If you like our enclosures, we would be very grateful if you could take a moment of your time to leave us a review on our website. This will help us a lot! Much appreciated!

Hope you are staying safe, and hope we can put this pandemic behind us soon! Happy Making!

The ProtoStax Team 😊
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